Our historY

Who We Are

J.A.C. Unlimited, Inc. (JACUI) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization established August 2013 for the purpose of empowering and equipping today’s youth to become the leaders of their generation. 

JACUI mission is to give youth the tools and resources they need to prosper in every area of their life. JACUI focuses on developing youth intellectually, emotionally, and academically.




JACUI fully dedicates time and effort into encouraging, empowering, and supporting our youth. Through the benefit of new relationships and character building projects, the youth of JACUI will learn the importance of morals and leadership qualities that will help them thrive in positive environment. The program is designed to meet the need of homeless youth and single teenage mothers and their children who lack stable housing, healthy support systems, guidance, and encouragement.